Importance of hatchery management highlighted at Ross Africa seminar

Importance of Hatchery Management Highlighted at Ross Africa Seminar

Ross Africa, the distributor of Ross® Parent Stock for Sub-Saharan Africa, demonstrated its commitment to customers at its recent Hatchery Management Seminar. Held in Lusaka, Zambia, from April 10 to April 12 the event highlighted the importance of good egg handling from farm to hatchery.

The seminar is organized annually by Ross Africa, specifically for its Sub-Saharan customers, and every second year focuses on hatchery management, with training delivered by Pas Reform Academy. The Ross Middle East and Africa Customer Focus Team was represented by Sales Manager Bulent Tanyildizi and senior Technical Manager Robert Haggarty, who work closely with Ross Africa throughout the year.

Ross Africa Seminar 4

The event was attended by 27 hatchery managers and supervisors from 10 different countries. Held at Ross Africa’s flagship broiler hatchery, presentations and practical interactive sessions were designed to train the trainer and ensure best practices are transferred from the customer back to their own organizations. The participants investigated and discussed a range of topics including, “What Are Good Hatchery Results – Commitment to High Hatchability,” “Optimal Egg Quality from Breeder Farm to Hatchery,” and “Energy Efficient Hatchery Climate Control and Ventilation in Different Climate Zones.”

Raymond Laing, technical director Ross Africa, explained, “First-class chicks require first-class care, and that’s why our hatchery training is so important. Chick performance can only be maximized when every aspect of management is carefully considered. Good hatchery management, the focus of this seminar, is a central component of this. We were delighted to welcome so many of our Sub-Saharan customers to our hatchery management seminar to share these messages and enjoyed the vivid exchanges of best practices and their enthusiastic involvement in the workshops very much.”

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