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Case study: House of Raeford New

“We have been very impressed with the technology and design of the equipment. It has allowed us to finetune every aspect of embryonic development, which has produced some of the highest quality chicks I have ever seen.” - Danny Sanders, live production manager.

NatureForm Times 2018 New

Single source solutions, training and customer care a new recipe for success in the USA. These are exciting times! North America’s poultry industry is changing, with hatchery expansions, new projects and awareness of the importance of the hatchery in the supply chain gaining momentum.

Pas Reform Times 2016

Global demand for poultry and eggs continues to rise, driving sector growth and dramatic increases in the size of commercial hatcheries. To maintain the high levels of efficiency, cost-effectiveness and accountability being demanded of them, these large-scale facilities require fully integrated, connected process control...

Post-hatch feeding made easy, practical and flexible

A unique partnership between a hatchery expert, biotech start-up and premix company has led to a game changing post-hatch feeding product: SmartStart™

SmartPro™ Incubation Updated

The modern hatchery manager’s goal is to produce large numbers of uniform, robustday old chicks. SmartPro™ is the only system that meets this requirement, by uniquely combining four key features: modular incubator design, a new Vortex™-based airflow principle, AMF™ Adaptive Metabolic Feedback and the ESM™ Energy Saving Module. With the lowest number of eggs per temperature regulated system in each section, SmartSetPro™ incubators allow for maximum uniformity and optimal climate conditions for each batch of eggs.

SmartPro™ NF Series Incubation

The modern hatchery faces three key challenges to future growth and profitability: genetic progress, uniformity and post hatch performance. Pas Reform meets these challenges with our next generation SmartPro™ product range, now expanded with the NF Series to accommodate a wide variety of tray types.

SmartCenterPro™ Hatchery Information System

SmartCenterPro™ is the first hatchery software to fully enable data gathering from every process in the hatchery. Incubation, climate control and hatchery automation systems can all be seamlessly connected: a web-based, ‘Internet of Things’ approach.

SmartCare™ A 360° approach to service & support New

With SmartCare™, you choose exactly the support you need, customizing a service package that optimizes performance in every area of your hatchery, for the highest numbers of best quality chicks.

Case study: Grupo Uvesa, Spain

Uvesa is Spain’s second largest broiler integration: a progressive company, with a commitment to quality from farm to table that has delivered sustained growth for more than 50 years.

Case study: Aviagen France

Working in partnership with US-based sister company NatureForm Hatchery Technologies, Pas Reform has combined 132 egg flat setter tray compatibility with the most advanced SmartPro™ hatchery technologies, to engineer a state-of-the-art solution for Aviagen France that sets a benchmark in terms of environmental impact, animal welfare and sustainability.

Case study: ISA, The Netherlands

Two years since commissioning a new state-of-the-art parent stock hatchery from Pas Reform for its ISA Layers Business Unit in The Netherlands, Hendrix Genetics says the Boxmeer facility is delivering sustainable results and substantial savings from the very start of the egg value chain.

Infographic: Point down setting

A hatchery loses 0.2 percent of saleable chicks for every 1 percent of fertile eggs placed small end up in the setter tray

Infographic: Energy saving module

While high fan revolution speeds are needed at the beginning and during the final phase of incubation to optimise the heating and cooling of the hatching eggs, this level of energy consumption is not required during the long period in between. The ESM™ energy saving module allows the number of revolutions to reduce substantially during that part of the process.

Pas Reform Times 2014

In this edition of Pas Reform Times, you will find more information on our new SmartPro™ incubation system, as well as insights from Pas Reform Academy and the latest news from many forward-looking hatcheries around the world.


New setter tray design delivers enhanced comfort and uniform airflow for modern embryos, to promote maximum chick quality.


Protect and enhance the comfort of modern embryos during the critical phase of hatching, with a new hatcher basket developed to incorporate Microban® antibacterial protection and designed to deliver uniform airflow and promote maximum chick quality.


Integrating Vison Technology for high capacity counting, vaccination and the analysis of day old chicks.

Pas Reform Academy

Pas Reform Academy has dedicated more than 30 years to studying the needs of the growing embryo: to understanding the effects of genetic advancement on the performance of our commercial poultry breeds. Extensive scientific knowledge combines with decades of practical, hands-on hatchery experience – to meet new and emerging challenges in the modern hatchery.

Circadian Incubation™

The ultimate goal of the modern hatchery is to produce large numbers of uniform, robust day old chicks: traits that originate in the embryo and correlate directly with the performance and resistance of chicks on the farm.

NatureForm Hatchery Technologies

Pas Reform has made another landmark move in its plans for international expansion, with the formation of a new company, based in the USA, to serve the North American poultry industry.

Future Focused Incubation

The modern hatchery faces three key challenges to future growth and profitability: genetic progress, uniformity and post hatch performance. Pas Reform has met these challenges in the develop ment and design of our next generation, future-proofed incubation system. Meet the future. Meet Smart.

Hatchery of the Future

Commercial hatcheries face three key challenges in the future: genetic progress, uniformity and post hatch performance. Genetic progress demands greater control over the management of hatchery conditions, to maximise the potential of modern poultry breeds, while high chick uniformity will continue to be an essen tial precursor to outstanding post hatch performance.

Hatchery Automation Systems

From standalone machines to complete turnkey projects, hatchery automation systems from Pas Reform improve quality, reduce costs and fuel growth, to set new standards for uniformity in the modern hatchery.

HVAC (Hatchery Climate Control)

Maximise growth and promote uniformity, with carefully balanced climate control and effective protection from harmful pathogens throughout the hatchery.

Homogeneous incubation temperature

Homogeneous temperature in the egg is vital to optimal embryo development – and this is exactly what Pas Reform incubators provide. Their modular design reflects a deep understanding of the needs of the growing embryo, maximising hatchability and chick quality.

Hatching Quality Chicks

Good hatchability is no accident. During incubation the embryo passes through three critical stages of development before it is able to hatch successfully. Each phase requires specific conditions for optimum incubation.

Pas Reform Times 2012

In this edition of Pas Reform Times, you will find more information on our new SmartCount™ counting and dosing system, as well as insights from Pas Reform Academy and the latest news from many forward-looking hatcheries around the world.


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