Chick transportation unit

To reliably preserve the genetic potential of day old chicks all the way to the farm

Chick transportation unit


Proven under extreme climate and road conditions, a specially designed airflow system distributes air evenly over the rows of chick boxes inside the unit. For day old chicks not yet fully able to control their own body temperature, the finite control of air speed, air temperature and heat production recreates a hatchery environment on the move, for healthy chicks on delivery.

Heat, water vapour and CO2 are removed through air outlets and a recirculation duct, effectively maintaining the chicks’ body temperatures at between 39.5 - 40.5 °C. Easy to operate and maintain, the chick transportation unit provides continuous in-cabin monitoring of the chicks’ climate inside the truck. The climate control unit is easy to reach, for checking and to change and clean filters - and on despatch from the hatchery or arrival at the farm, there is no need for level positioning, which saves time in loading and unloading the chicks.

All surfaces, fixings and finishes are designed to resist the ingress of moisture and bacteria, to prevent the formation of dirt traps. Designed for low maintenance costs and minimum downtime, the chick transportation unit operates independently from the truck engine.

How it works

  • The chick transportation system incorporates high capacity climate units that can manage external temperatures from -40 to +45 °C
  • Inlet air flows through the boxes, effectively absorbing and dispersing the metabolic heat produced by the chicks
  • A powerful airflow is provided by top and floor inlets, while mixing ensures complete air temperature homogeneity before the air is drawn through the boxes
  • Heat, water vapour and CO2 are removed through air outlets and a recirculation duct to effectively maintain the chicks’ body temperatures at between 39.5 and 40.5 °C
  • Inside the chick transporation unit, equipment is quickly and easily cleaned and disinfected, thanks to smooth floors and walls, removable air ducts and the absence of perforated radiators

Technical specifications

Type 50Chick capacity 50,000, ventilation capacity 8,000 m3/h
Type 75Chick capacity 75,000, ventilation capacity 10,000 m3/h
Type 95Chick capacity 95,000, ventilation capacity 15,000 m3/h
Type 140Chick capacity 140,000, ventilation capacity 15,000 m3/h
Required truck chassis type 504 x 2 rigid
Required truck chassis type 754 or 6 x 2 rigid
Required trailer chassis type 95 and 1402 axle


Chick transportation unit

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