Tray transfer system

For transferring all eggs from farm to setter trolley simultaneously

Tray transfer systemTray transfer system


Unlike other systems, the Tray transfer system saves time and manpower by transferring all trays from farm trolley to setter trolley simultaneously. Just one operator can transfer and load more than 150,000 hatching eggs per hour, with a smooth, gliding action that protects the fertile eggs from any sudden movements or shocks, to prevent the incidence of hairline cracks.

Easy to operate, the Tray transfer system is ergonomically designed for operator comfort while undertaking this highly repetitive task, constructed of easy-to-clean stainless steel and requires only minimal maintenance.

How it works

  • Operator pushes the farm trolley filled with loaded setter trays into the tray transfer system, locks the trolley into position and closes the door
  • Operator sets the tray transfer system’s pusher into operation, which smoothly and gently pushes all setter trays simultaneously onto a tray collector
  • Operator then removes the empty farm trolley and replaces it with an empty setter trolley
  • The tray collector guides adjust automatically to the correct pitch for the setter trolley
  • All the setter trays are pushed over and loaded into the setter trolley at the same time
  • Operator exchanges the now filled setter trolley for a filled farm trolley, to repeat the process
  • The whole process is completed in under two minutes

Technical specifications

CapacityUp to 150,000 hatching eggs (30 trolleys) per hour
Installed power4 kW
Air consumption33,33 litre per minute at 8 bar
Dimensions 2900 x 2100 x 2400 mm; Minimal floor space required
MaterialEasy to clean stainless steel AISI304 construction
Weight1400 kg
Suitable forPas Reform farm and setter trolleys
IP MarkingMotors IP55, Sensors IP68 / IP69K,Control panel IP66


Tray transfer system

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