Next-generation hatchery HVAC goes online

3 November 2013

Next-generation hatchery HVAC goes online

Pas Reform has introduced enhanced operation for HVAC systems throughout the hatchery, with a dedicated Siemens HVAC web server that provides fully remote control and monitoring via the internet.

The Siemens HVAC web server is a compact device that can be integrated directly into Pas Reform’s SmartCenter™ climate control systems or configured to operate independently.

Easy to install using USB and Ethernet connections, a full visualisation of the hatchery’s complete HVAC layout is displayed in a browser window, making the full range of HVAC systems information and functionality, including alarms, systems alerts and maintenance instructions available via SmartCenter™, PC, laptop, iPad or any mobile device that supports a web browser.

With access to up-to-the-minute status for up to 64 devices and their associated data points on the HVAC system, the web server includes a library of more than 100 applications (devices), for example air handling units, heat recovery systems and buffertanks with pumpsets  - and associated circuit diagrams for each device. Each of these may be tailored to the hatchery’s specific installations.

The HVAC web server automatically recognises and self-configures connected devices throughout the HVAC installation, which contributes significantly to smooth running and cost-efficiency in the hatchery. In addition, web-based connectivity makes it possible to remotely optimise hatchery HVAC, for frequent, thorough monitoring of process conditions to increase reliability and promote greater energy efficiency.

Fault messages can be sent directly to up to four email addresses, for rapid response in the event of an emergency. System reports can also be sent to the four nominated email recipients periodically, with consumption data available for up to two email addresses. Emails are fully encrypted for security.

Because the system is web-based, the customer also has the full back up of Pas Reform’s technical team, to provide rapid, remote intervention in the event of a serious fault or technical issue.

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