Royal Pas Reform on a global scale

Royal Pas Reform is the world's only single-source supplier of integrated hatchery solutions: a subsidiary of Hydratec Industries NV, with a turnover in 2022 of around €283,000,000

Company background


100+ years in incubation, of which 50+ years in single-stage


150+ colleagues


1000+ single stage hatcheries

Milestones & Innovations

1919 Gerrit Pas establishes the ‘Reform’ incubator factory
1920 Gerrit develops the Flatbed incubator
1925 Reform launches the Incubation Station
1930 Theo Pas takes over the business
1939 The iconic Drum incubator makes its debut
1950 Reform internationalizes in search of new markets
1951 Sales subsidiaries are established in Germany and Italy
1959 Theo’s sons join the family business
1960 Reform introduces the Single-Stage incubator
1969 Reform is renamed ‘Pas Reform’
1978 Pas Reform introduces microprocessors for its process control
1981 Pas Reform acquires Dutch incubator manufacturer Econoom
1984 The Ten Cate Group (Hydratec) takes over the family business
2001 Academy drives new product development
2004 Introduction of Smart™ incubation technologies
2004 Opening Pas Reform Southern Africa
2005 Start of Pas Reform Russia
2006 Launch SmartCenter™ management software
2008 Pas Reform do Brasil opens
2010 SmartPro™ incubation technologies is launched
2011 Offices open in India, Indonesia and Malaysia
2012 Pas Reform acquires Lan Handling Technologies
2013 Introduction SmartCount™ counting and dosing system
2013 Opening of a new Distribution and training centre in Doetinchem
2014 Integration of NatureForm Hatchery Technologies
2015 Launch SmartCenterPro ™ hatchery management system
2015 Opening Pas Reform China
2016 Launch of SmartPro™ NF, SmartHeat™ and SmartBasket™
2016 Launch of SmartCare™ service and support
2018 Launch of SmartStart™ post-hatch feeding solution
2019 Pas Reform celebrates 100 years as a company
2022 Introduction of SmartVac In-ovo vaccination & nutrition system
2022 SmartSense™ Adaptive Embryonic Incubation makes its debut

Global presence


Main locations
Zeddam & Doetinchem (NL)
Jacksonville (USA)
Rio Claro (BR)



Offices and Service centers
Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Thailand and USA


Customer support on all continents


Exports to more than one hundred countries

Feeding the world


10 Billion day old chicks per year hatched in Pas Reform single stage incubators



Incubation specialists
Martin Barten
Gerd de Lange
Lotte Hebbink
Eline Holtslag
Santad Dentstaporn
Terry Doss,
Ricky Cates
Maciej Kolańczyk
Lenise Inácio de Souza


Research centers
Research into the impact of the incubation process on embryo development, in close co-operation with leading universities


Training programmes
Twelve Hatchery Management Training Programmes per year


6 Product groups

Integrated, data-enabled hatchery solutions: egg handling, setting, candling & transfer, hatching, chick handling, washing & waste handling


Broiler, Layer, Turkey, Goose, Duck, Game bird, Vaccines