USA’s Holmes Foods renovates hatchery with single stage incubation from NatureForm

15 July 2014

USA’s Holmes Foods renovates hatchery with single stage incubation from NatureForm

Holmes Foods has placed a new order with Natureform Hatchery Technologies as it continues the renovation of its Gonzales-based hatchery in Texas, USA.

The company first installed Phoenix machines in 2010, when it placed six single stage Phoenix P18 incubators in test alongside six single stage incubators from a previous supplier.

Holmes’ Breeder Hatchery Manager Joe Weber says, “The Phoenix single stage machines have outperformed our previous incubators in terms of hatchability and post hatch performance. When compared with our existing multistage operations, the improvements are even more significant.”

As each Phoenix single stage incubator occupies the same footprint as the company’s existing multi-stage machines, Holmes Foods will be able to renovate and expand its hatchery operations on the same premises, reducing the expected return on investment time to less than three years.

Mr Weber says news of Natureform’s new partnership with Pas Reform was a pleasant surprise. “Pas Reform Hatchery Technologies has the longest experience in single stage incubation in the poultry industry - and they offer the support and expertise of Pas Reform Academy. This combination of a committed R&D department with new machine developments and a hands on approach to training demonstrates a wealth of knowledge and great confidence in the US industry.”

In the second phase of the renovation project, Holmes Foods is adding nine more P18 incubators and plans to replace the entire hatchery with Phoenix single stage incubation from NatureForm Hatchery Technologies.

“The formation of Natureform Hatchery Technologies has been so well received by the industry”, says Steve Warren, the company’s President, “The integration of our founding companies has created a business capable of delivering total solutions for projects of any size and we truly appreciate the continued confidence that Holmes Foods has placed in NatureForm Hatchery Technologies.

“They are fantastic people to work with and we are delighted to be supporting the renovation of their Gonzales hatchery.”


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