Tailored for optimal uptime

Pas Reform maintains spare parts stock in several service locations around the world. For less commonly requested or specialist parts, we will ship from our Global Distribution Centres in The Netherlands, USA and Brazil - usually within 24 business hours.

In addition, any part can be ordered 24 hours per day via spares@pasreform.com or our SmartService™ hatchery inspection app for iPhone® or Android™. SmartService™ makes it fast and easy to order spare parts while carrying out your maintenance routine, in just 3 simple steps:

1. Include article number and/or take a picture with your phone
2. Fill in the short form and
3. Click send!

Login to smartservice app Fill in the short form - take a picture easy! Order spare-parts quick and easy with SmartService

To login to the SmartService™ app, you first need to request a unique customer ID from the Pas Reform Service department.

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Need help?

Our highly skilled and dedicated service team is available 24/7, to provide first line support. Call  +31 (0) 314 659 100 or e-mail: service@pasreform.com.