Practical, interactive hatchery management training


At Pas Reform, we recognise the importance of people to the success of any hatchery operation. For that reason, we have developed a practical one week training program for people involved in the day-to-day management of the hatchery. It is an interactive, 'hands-on' program and participants can learn from Pas Reform Academy's trainers and also through sharing experiences with other professional hatchery personnel. The one week Hatchery Management Training program has a thematic approach that focuses on teaching participants about the latest new developments in incubation technology. Training is suitable for experienced hatchery managers as well as those new to the field. It is not essential that participants have experience in working with Pas Reform incubators.

Training Program

  • The course begins with an exploration of factors affecting hatching egg quality, with particular attention given to egg storage.
  • A detailed presentation and practical applications in embryology follow, to form a solid foundation for group discussion on how to optimise support for the embryo during incubation. – Practical assignments in Pas Reform’s laboratory then broaden participants’ understanding, to be translated into practical guidelines for the various procedures needed throughout incubation, from arrival, quality control and storage of hatching eggs to the despatch and placement of day-old chicks.
  • Participants perform a break-out analysis of clear and unhatched eggs, as well as judging the quality of hatched chicks, to collect valuable data on which to base continuing improvements.
  • Finally, troubleshooting and fine tuning in each aspect of hatchery management, including hatchery hygiene, plays a major role in this program. Throughout the week, full attention is given to the specific situation and requirements of each participant.

Training groups

Hatchery Management Training is conducted for small groups speaking the same language. Native interpreters – usually a hatchery professional from Pas Reform’s own international network – ensure accurate translation from English to the participants’ own language. Group size is limited so that sufficient attention may be given to the specific needs of each participant. The Hatchery Management Training program is held at Pas Reform’s headquarters in Doetinchem and Zeddam, The Netherlands – allowing participants to take full advantage of Pas Reform’s state-of-the-art Academy facilities.

Training modules

Egg handling: > Transport, Storage, Disinfecting
Chick embryology: > Theory and Practice
Principes of single stage incubation:    > Design of incubation programs, Egg analysis, Chick quality, Pasgar©score, Record-keeping, Planning
Trouble shooting: > Incubation, Technically 
Training period:  > 5 full days 
Location : > The Netherlands (local transportation included) Alternative locations on request
 Optional: > Customer specific training program

Need help

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