Future-focused AS Putra expands into hatchery operations on Java

7 July 2014

Future-focused AS Putra expands into hatchery operations on Java

Java’s AS Putra is to add broiler breeding and hatchery operations to its established poultry business on West Java, with a significant investment in SmartPro™ modular single stage hatchery technologies from Pas Reform.

Research to find a preferred incubation solution was, says company director Aif Sidhik, very extensive and a quite a challenge. “After more than 15 years in the broiler producing business,” he says, “we believe that the process does not start on the farm, but rather when embryo development begins - in the incubator.

“Ultimately this was why we selected Pas Reform’s SmartPro™ incubation system for our new hatchery. We see a great synergy between our beliefs and observations in practice – and Pas Reform’s focus and results in achieving greater chick uniformity, as a precursor to greater efficiency throughout the broiler production process.”

The new hatchery will include three SmartSetPro™ setters, equipped with Pas Reform’s innovative Energy Saving Module™ (ESM™), to reduce the use of electricity while providing active control over ventilation in the setter; the SmartCenter™ hatchery information system and six SmartHatchPro™ hatchers, equipped with SmartWatch™, an innovation that monitors and adjusts the hatching process automatically from the day of transfer through to the last chick hatched.

First established in 1986 as an egg producer for the local market, AS Putra began broiler production to serve its local market in 1997. Today, the company raises 1.5 million chickens each week, for distribution throughout Java Island and Southern Sumatra, with day old chicks sourced from various producers. The new hatchery operation is targeting 30 per cent of d.o.c. supply for the company’s broiler operations over the next three years.

Bas Kanters, Pas Reform’s sales director in Asia, has been instrumental in working with AS Putra to develop plans for the new hatchery. He says of the new project: “ Aif and his father are a great pleasure to work with. Their company is an excellent example of a poultry business that has grown through absolute dedication to quality, with a firm focus on the future.

“Pas Reform is delighted to have been selected for this pivotal project in AS Putra’s continuing development – and we very much look forward to working in partnership to help realise the company’s ambitions for the future.”