Partnering for expansion: Aviagen and Pas Reform Russia

5 June 2014

Partnering for expansion: Aviagen and Pas Reform Russia

Aviagen LLC in Yasnogrosk, Russia, has now reached a supply volume of 6.8 million PS females plus relevant males at its Smart™-enabled breeder hatchery, establishing a firm reputation in the Russian Federation for supplying Ross 308, Ross PM3 and AA broiler breeder parent stock since the hatchery went online four years ago.

Hatchery director Anna Matveeva, who was pivotal to Aviagen’s decision to work with Pas Reform in Russia, says of developments: “With two new GP farms also established locally in the last two years, the new hatchery has delivered very good chick quality and excellent liveability.

“From the start we had very good support from Pas Reform’s project management team, both during construction and in delivering technical services. The quality of product performance now gives us confidence in the potential for further growth, which the hatchery is very capable of delivering.”

Under Ms Matveeva’s direction, Aviagen actively shares its knowledge and experience in hatchery operations with customers, through a programme of seminars in Yasnogorsk.