Outstanding results for Willmar/AG Forte with Phoenix incubation from NatureForm

21 May 2014

Outstanding results for Willmar/AG Forte with Phoenix incubation from NatureForm

Willmar Poultry Company/ AG Forte is reporting outstanding first hatch results following the recent installation of 12 new Phoenix single stage turkey incubators from NatureForm Hatchery Technologies at its hatchery in Aurora, Missouri.

First hatch results are close to breaking all previous hatch records, with almost 91 per cent hatch from eggs set. Flock vs. flock against results recorded with previous equipment is up across the board, with increases ranging from 1 – 9.6 per cent.

“We have been working with Natureform Hatchery Technologies for over two decades and appreciate their knowledge and dedication. We consistently have outstanding service from them and excellent performance from their equipment,” says Richard VanderSpek, President & COO at Willmar Poultry Company/AG Forte.

“The watchword that describes the relationship between our companies is collaboration. Expanding this now to include Pas Reform adds a new level of knowledge and commitment. We have been watching Pas Reform and we are impressed by their R&D facilities and capabilities. We look forward to this new partnership as a dynamic resource for the US poultry industry."

Steve Warren, President of NatureForm Hatchery Technologies, adds: “NatureForm has traditionally been very strong in the turkey market, with dedicated machines designed specifically to support the turkey incubation process, which is more challenging than that of broilers and layers.

“Our new partnership with Pas Reform extends and deepens this knowledge - and we look forward to sharing our combined research and capabilities, through specialised incubation training courses with the turkey sector worldwide.”

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