Brazil’s São Salvador Alimentos shifts to single stage incubation with SmartPro™

20 May 2014

Brazil’s São Salvador Alimentos shifts to single stage incubation with SmartPro™

Five years since the launch of its multi-stage hatchery, São Salvador Alimentos is expanding the operations of its hatchery with SmartPro™ from Pas Reform do Brasil.

When the company, a family-owned corporation from Itaberaí in the Goiás state of Brazil, built its hatchery in 2008, single stage hatchery operations were not well established in Brazil and São Salvador Alimentos elected the traditional route, building a multi stage hatchery which at the time was one of the most modern in the country. However with a period of rapid growth necessitating the further expansion of hatching operations, the Company looked again at single stage as an option for its future plans.

“After thorough consultation with industry leaders and different groups that were already using single stage incubation, we started looking at the single stage SmartPro™ system from Pas Reform do Brasil for our expansion,” comments Claudionor Thomazini, hatchery manager.

“We had been following the progress of Pas Reform do Brasil, and over the past five years, we have seen what they can do, delivering single stage incubation projects on time, and with a dedication to their customers that we have not seen before in this country.”

Speaking with current customers of Pas Reform was, says director Mr. Rimarck Vieira de Carvalho, a compelling factor in São Salvador Alimentos’ ultimate decision. “We were struck by the way service was always mentioned as an important aspect of collaborations with Pas Reform.”

After undertaking some trials with single stage system and a thorough analysis of results and the options available, São Salvador Alimentos decided that the combination of SmartPro™ single stage equipment and technical support from Pas Reform Academy offered the best solution for its future plans, according to Roberto Jardim Filho, Technical Director of São Salvador Alimentos.

São Salvador Alimentos’ expansion project has now been realised with 16 SmartPro 6™setters, 2 SmartPro 3™setters and 18 SmartHatchPro™ hatchers. “With an HVAC system from NatureForm Hatchery Technologies already in place, our decision to work with SmartPro™ incubation only seems even more logical since the announcement of NatureForm and Pas Reform’s new partnership,” continues Claudionor Thomazini.

Thomas Calil from Pas Reform do Brasil, comments, “When São Salvador Alimentos first built its new hatchery, Pas Reform do Brasil was just taking off in Brazil. Our success in expanding our customer base – and indeed, the success of our customers here over the last five years - has definitely contributed to São Salvador Alimentos’ decision to join the Pas Reform family.

Our focus on service and the technical support available from Pas Reform Aacademy has played a pivitol role in their decision to start their collaboration with us, and we look forward to working with them for many years to come.”


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