Russia’s SPK “Udarnik “ on track for increased production with Smart from Pas Reform

3 April 2014

Russia’s SPK “Udarnik “ on track for increased production with Smart from Pas Reform

Russia’s SPK Udarnik has completed the major refurbishment and expansion of its hatchery complex in the Vyborgskiy district of Leningradskaya region, with the installation of Smart™ hatchery technologies from Pas Reform to produce nine million day old chicks per year.

With more than four decades’ experience of egg production, SPK Udarnik’s hatchery expansion includes five SmartSet™ setters, six SmartHatch™ hatchers and a full complement of hatchery automation, climate control and ventilation systems.

The reconstruction in parallel of 12 broiler houses, a slaughter capacity of 3,000 broilers/hour, waste utilization factory, feed mill and hen egg production farm has enabled the company to meet increased local demand for its poultry meat products.

Partnering with Pas Reform for this major project came after a rigorous comparison of hatchery equipment manufacturers. “This was a major project to meet growing demand from local customers who enjoy visiting our stores,” says Grigoriy Chistyakov, general director of Udarnik, “It is good for the region and with government support, we were able to undertake this work as quickly as possible, so that we are now in a position to look to the future with confidence!”

 Photo caption: General Director of Udarnik, Grigoriy Chistyakov.


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