New Pas Reform collaboration provides deep data mining to optimize hatchery performance

6 March 2014

New Pas Reform collaboration provides deep data mining to optimize hatchery performance

Pas Reform has signed an agreement with Leuven University spin-off Porphyrio, a leader in the field of animal science and data mining, to provide customers with deep data analysis services to evaluate and enhance hatchery performance.

Following trials undertaken last year, this new collaboration means that Pas Reform will be the only manufacturer of incubation equipment to offer this level of detailed hatchery data analysis to customers worldwide.

Using Pas Reform’s advanced hatchery management information software, Pas Reform Academy initially organizes and consolidates the complex datasets derived from every recorded hatching cycle to formulate hatchery-specific queries. This information is then supplied to Porphyrio for detailed analysis, to unlock key insights for the refinement of customers’ incubation programs.

The insights revealed by Porphyrio’s analysis enable hatchery managers to implement changes and rapidly improve day-to-day operational decision-making in hatchery-critical processes, such as the optimization of incubation for different egg types.

Commenting on the new collaboration, Pas Reform R&D Director Marleen Boerjan says: ”Pas Reform’s commitment to innovation is focused on delivering excellence in hatchery performance.

“With the availability of increasingly advanced hatchery technologies throughout the incubation process, hatchery data plays an important role in that strategy. But data as such is just numbers. By combining the capabilities of Pas Reform Academy with the groundbreaking new techniques available through Porphyrio, we are now in a unique position to deliver highly advanced statistical analysis that unlocks insights for a profound impact on hatchery performance.”


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