Pas Reform expands into USA

16 January 2014

Pas Reform expands into USA

Pas Reform has made another landmark move in its plans for international expansion, with the formation of a new company, based in the USA, to serve the North American poultry industry.

Pas Reform has joined forces with NatureForm, a leading supplier of single stage technologies for the poultry, game and vaccine development markets. The newly formed company, NatureForm Hatchery Technologies, will deliver fully integrated solutions for North American hatcheries seeking expansion, as the US poultry industry prepares to deliver 15 per cent growth* over the next seven years.

NatureForm Hatchery Technologies’ product range includes Pas Reform’s SmartPro™ hatchery technologies, NatureForm’s Phoenix range of incubators and a full complement of hatchery automation and hatchery climate control systems.

In addition to equipment supply and technical support services, the new partnership will have the full backing of Pas Reform Academy, for incubation research, hatchery management training and customer-level consultancy. The new company will be headquartered in Jacksonville (Florida, USA) with production facilities, logistics, sales and after-sales service coverage for customers across North America.

The two companies are complementary in many aspects, says Pas Reform CEO Bart Aangenendt, which will be a strong foundation for the new venture: "NatureForm and Pas Reform have enjoyed a mutually successful association for several years. As companies – and as people – we share a dynamic and progressive vision for the future of the hatchery sector globally. We believe that this new company has unparalleled expertise in single stage hatchery practice and is unique in being able to deliver truely integrated solutions for the hatchery business in North America."

"NatureForm Hatchery Technologies signals a key moment in Pas Reform’s plans for international expansion, and we are fully committed in this collaborative venture and in the future of the poultry industry in the USA


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