Algerian hatchery sector welcomes Pas Reform

27 June 2013

Algerian hatchery sector welcomes Pas Reform

Pas Reform continues its international expansion, with news of a series of new contracts in Algeria.'Typically a relatively fragmented market, with many small producers and hatcheries, the tendency in this the largest country in Africa has', says Pas Reform’s local representative Bob de Rycke, 'been to consolidate, while at the same developing GP hatcheries to fuel growth.'

Notably, he says, Arbor Acres’ commitment to this dynamic and emerging region signaled an increase in the development of GP facilities, when they partnered with Groupe Kerbouche two years ago, to develop a state-of-the-art Smart™ installation for the production of female parent stock.

Pas Reform’s new contracts include:

Lounigrain Import-Export: Mr. Khaled Lounis, CEO, was instrumental in placing the first SmartSetPro™ setters and SmartHatchPro™ hatchers, to evaluate the machines in terms of chick quality, hatchability and ease of operation. Mr. Lounis has, he says, been impressed with hatch results in terms of hatch of fertile percentages and resulting day old pullet quality. 

Eurl El Rabie Engraissement de Volailles: headed and lead by Mr. Saleh Rabie, and a company well established in East Algeria for the production of Lohmann layers in the market. Mr. Rabie and his brothers have, they say, chosen Pas Reform technologies for their new broiler project, because they recognize the need for greater day old chick uniformity to maintain a market-leading position. Smart™ single stage technologies will expand current weekly production capacity from 88,000 day old female pullets per week, to a weekly capacity of around 130,000. 

Eurl Ouarou Avicol: Mr. Youcef Ouarou is replacing existing machines and expanding the capacity of his broiler chick hatchery, with SmartSetPro™ setters and SmartHatchPro™ hatchers. With a commitment to investing in the latest technologies, both in terms of machine engineering and technical service and back up, Mr Ouarou selected Smart™ incubation technologies after visiting Eurotier in Hanover (Germany) last year, and comparing all the world leading incubation solutions. The new installation will provide a capacity of 7 million hatching eggs per year. 

Sarl Nutrimag: owned by the Douadi family, this growing young company, situated in the West of Algeria, close to Oran, specializes in animal feed and now plans to further expand operations with the development of a new broiler hatchery. Mr. Bénaceur Douadi selected Pas Reform’s Smart™ hatchery technologies after visiting the company and its team in Zeddam, Netherlands where he was invited to discuss the new project with Pas Reform’s technical team, including machine engineering, HVAC specialists and commercial and technical staff. “Our aim is for nothing short of excellence in our day old chicks,” he says, “and we believe that Pas Reform’s Smart™ technologies represent the future of incubation.” The Nutrimag installation is for a a complete incubation system, including SmartSetPro™ setters and SmarthatchPro™ hatchers, a complete HVAC system and hatchery automation, to ultimately produce and process 200,000 day old chicks per week / 10 million d.o.c. per year.

Sarl Cherrati Engrais de Volailles: Hatchery owner and CEO Mr. Hacene Cherrati will invest in the further expansion of his broiler hatchery with six new SmartSetPro™ 2 setters and two SmartHatchPro™ hatchers, for a weekly production capacity of 65,000 day old chicks per week (3.4 million day old broilers per year).

Ouchelouz Sarl: Situated in Timgad, Batna, in the east of the country, Mr Tarek Ouchen is investing in a new Smart™ single stage hatchery, with an initial capacity of 100,000 day old chicks per week. Mr Ouchen recently met with Pas Reform at the SIPSA exhibition in Algiers, to discuss the final stages of the installation process, and make plans for familiarising hatchery personnel with the new incubation systems through a programme of training with Pas Reform’s incubation specialists and technical training programmes.

Since joining Pas Reform’s international team in 2010, Bob de Rycke has been responsible for market development in Belgium, France and francophone Africa, as well as for the distribution of Smart™ incubation, hatchery automation and climate control systems. 

“Pas Reform has seriously invested in this new market, to make a strong and enduring commitment to the future of the hatchery sector here.

“These new contracts and installations represent a very exciting time for us – a true accomplishment, and we very much look forward to extending the same, continuing high levels of service and support for our customers in North Africa in the future.”

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