Ukraine's Poltavskaya extends operations with Pas Reform

22 June 2013

Ukraine's Poltavskaya extends operations with Pas Reform

One of Ukraine’s largest producers of table eggs, PAO Poltavskaya PF, has commissioned a new 20 mln. egg per year Smart hatchery from Pas Reform, with further plans for expansion to 30 million eggs.

As part of the Inter-Agrosystems Group of companies, the new Poltavskaya hatchery will be located in v. Machukhi, Poltavskaya region, joining a large integration that includes PS farms, eight commercial layer farms, six feed mills, slaughter houses and a brand new factory for feed additives, as well as logistics and final product sales.

Pas Reform’s project management team has provided detailed planning and technical support, together with the delivery, supervision and commissioning of 12 SmartSet™ setters, 18 SmartHatch™ hatchers and a SmartCenter™ hatchery information system. Тhe installation also includes full hatchery automation, vacuum waste and hatchery climate control systems, with detailed planning for incubation schemes, technological routes, drainage, ventilation, automation and other hatchery utilities.

'This decision was not made lightly,' says Poltavskaya PF director, Mr. S.I. Plakhotya, 'We evaluated all the alternatives for both our current and future requirements, to establish the options for delivering and safeguarding our future plans for the business.

'We chose Smart incubation systems from Pas Reform for many reasons, but especially for a narrow hatch window, and the ability to increase hatchery capacity from 20 to 30 mln. hatching eggs per year with minimum investment.'

Having already seen the incubation results, the quality of the chicks and the performance of the commercial layers, Mr Plakhtoya says that PAO Poltavskaya welcomes the ongoing, comprehensive support of Pas Reform in bringing the new hatchery up to peak performance. 'Our aim is to increase capacity; to strengthen our existing facilities and capabilities. Our trusted partnership with Pas Reform is a significant contributor to achieving these goals.'

Leading the project management team, Pas Reform’s Representative in Ukraine Mr Boris Marchenko has worked closely with Poltavskaya throughout the planning, negotiations and delivery of the new hatchery. He concludes: “Poltavskaya PF, which also exports 300 mln eggs per year, has an exclusive agreement with Lohmann Tierzuht Gmbh., producing 18 mln. hatching eggs for its own farms as well as for customers’ hatcheries in Ukraine.

'The company is making a substantial commitment to future growth and the quality of supply for its growing markets – and Pas Reform is committed to Poltavskaya’s success.'