Malaysia's Hyfresh Group sees results with SmartPro™

10 June 2013

Malaysia's Hyfresh Group sees results with SmartPro™

Hyfresh Group is a fully integrated poultry business, with feedmill, breeder farm and broiler farms in several Malaysian States. The company supplies chicken to the three broiler processing plants in Sri Sulong, also headquarter for the Group, in Pedas Halal Park and in Singapore too. The processed product is supplied to its own Hyfresh retail shops plus other customers. 

Dato Sri Pua Tian Siong, Group Managing Director said “The integrated model is borne out of necessity. Well-managed,  it is a competitive model that delivers a fair return“. 

Together with his younger brother Mr.Pua Tian Haw, Executive Director, Hyfresh Group has plotted a path for further successful growth. “We will grow with the market and by 2016, Hyfresh Group will need another 24 sets of incubators to meet the growing demand for our day-old chicks” said Mr.Pua Tian Haw.

Hyfresh Group has based its planning, investment and growth on a fundamental belief in quality. Starting in the hatchery, this standard ensures that crucial stocks of robust day-old chicks are supplied to the group’s own broiler farms as well as to customers’ farms. 

SmartPro™ single stage incubation from Pas Reform is serving the integration well.  The first six sets of SmartPro™ incubators at Kuantan Hatchery have been operational for more than six months, and the impact of high quality day-old chicks is being seen in highly uniform broilers for processing that also give a great FCR.

Hatchery Manager Mr. Azam has, he says, been a happy man since the installation of Pas Reform’s SmartPro™ incubation technologies; he says: “We are seeing a higher percentage hatchability with single stage over the old multi stage machines and because hatch quality is so uniformly good, they complete the job much earlier”. 

Dr Khaw Eng San, the Group’s Poultry Integration Planner, concurs: “Hyfresh Group selected Pas Reform based on its people, its advanced SmartPro incubation system, the cost of ownership and overall value of investment. “Based now also on results, I would say it was a good choice.”


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