Smart™ Incubators: delivering top performance worldwide

3 November 2013

Smart™ Incubators: delivering top performance worldwide

Smart™ single-stage incubation is proving its value to expanding hatcheries around the world. From South Africa to Switzerland and Brasil, hatchery managers are reporting results that range from outstanding to award-winning! 

Field Results: Darling Fresh Chickens, Darling, Western Cape, South Africa

SmartSet™ incubators, SmartHatch™ hatchers 

Hatchery manager Robin Lindt has received a Cobb award for outstanding hatchability figures on consecutive Cobb 500 breeder flocks. Four consecutive flocks, T19, T20, T21 and T22 averaged hatchabilities  (from 25 - 62 weeks) of 88.5%; 88.6%; 87.9%  and  88% of total eggs set. These flocks hatched on average 10 weeks above 90% of eggs set, an outstanding result says Robin Lindt. 

Darling Fresh hatchery has been equipped with Smart™ setters and hatchers since 2007 - and producing great results ever since. Mr Lindt attributes this to a combination of good hatchery management, collaborating with Pas Reform Academy and good equipment, as a reliable recipe for the best results.   

Field Results: Erb hatchery, Oberdiesbach, Switzerland 

SmartSet™ incubators, SmartHatch™ hatchers 

Seven years of operation in Oberdiesbach were concluded with another excellent year of operation for Erb hatchery this year.  Built and operational in 2005, Erb hatchery produces day old broilers for the Bell Integration. Over the course of the last five years, the hatch of transferred in the breeder flocks average 96.5 ; 96.2; 95.9, 96.2 and 96.3%. These outstanding results are repeated on a weekly basis, with minimal deviation throughout the year. Resulting day old chick quality is also of consistently high standards. With average first week mortality below 0.5%, Erb hatchery is setting standards for uniformity.

Field Results: Agrodanieli, Tapejara, RS, Brasil

SmartSetPro™ setters, SmarthatchPro™ hatchers, HVAC system 

After 18 months in operation, poultry integrator Agrodanieli is reporting excellent results from its new broiler hatchery. Commissioned in 2010, the hatchery incubates mainly Cobb eggs and results are, says hatchery manager Clovis Gottardi, always above breed standard. “Results are superior to multi-stage operations and have exceeded our expectations in terms of hatchability percentage and chick quality,” he says, “with post hatch performance in terms of EPI (European Production Index)  outperforming flocks hatched before the new hatchery went into operation.”  

(EPI = ((weight (g) x (1- mortality%))/(number of days x fcr))*10.) 

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