All-at-once transfer of multiple setter trays

3 November 2013

All-at-once transfer of multiple setter trays

SmartTransfer™ is the latest hatchery innovation from Pas Reform: an ergonomically designed, fully automated setter trolley loader that enables a single operator to safely transfer all 32 trays from a farm trolley to the setter trolley simultaneously, in less than two minutes.

The new system is one of the first applications to take advantage of recently acquired subsidiary LAN’s expertise in custom-made handling systems. Unlike other systems, the SmartTransfer™ setter trolley loader saves time and manpower with a simple, ingenious push mechanism that transfers every tray in a trolley simultaneously. A smooth, gliding action protects fertile hatching eggs from any sudden movements or shocks, to prevent hairline cracks or other damage to the eggs.

Easy to operate, SmartTransfer™ is designed for operator comfort during this normally highly repetitive task. A filled farm trolley is pushed into the SmartTransfer™ trolley loader and locked into position. With the door closed, the operator sets SmartTransfer’s electronically operated pusher into action, transferring all the trayed eggs onto a tray collector simultaneously.

The operator then opens the door and replaces the farm trolley with a setter trolley. Tray collector guides adjust automatically to the correct pitch for the setter trolley – and all the filled trays are pushed into the setter trolley at the same time. The whole process is completed in under two minutes.

With a footprint of just 1860 x 2775mm, SmartTransfer™ is constructed from easy-to-clean stainless steel and requires minimal maintenance.

For detailed information and SmartTransfer™ technical specifications, click here. For further information on hatchery automation systems from Pas Reform, click here.


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