iPad interface for remote hatchery management

3 November 2013

iPad interface for remote hatchery management

Pas Reform has called on the latest iPad technology, to dynamically link hatchery managers to their SmartCenter™ Hatchery Information Systems.

The iPad displays a customized, multi-touch onscreen layout of the hatchery, serving as a control panel to SmartCenter™, the hub of real-time data from the entire hatchery.

Virtually every function and parameter for each incubator can be accessed and controlled from easy-to-read, colour coded incubator icons on the iPad screen. With a single click, each icon opens a full status screen and real-time information for the corresponding SmartSetPro™ setter or SmartHatchPro™ hatcher.

Specific Application or App downloads are not needed. The tablet dynamically links hatchery managers to their SmartCenter's™ Hatchery Information System by means of three main program tiers:

Hatchery Operations: to fine-tune settings for optimum incubation conditions

Hatchery Management: to manage key hatchery functions, from alarm management to breed specific incubation programming, and Hatchery Analysis: to produce real-time hatchery management reports for analysis and decision-making.

With integrated WIFI connectivity through a secure SSL connection, the iPad can be used anywhere, in or outside the hatchery, to monitor and actively manage operations, from responding to alarms to fully customizing individual incubation programmes, analyzing results or producing reports.