Smart expansion for Ross Breeders Anadolu in Turkey

24 September 2013

Smart expansion for Ross Breeders Anadolu in Turkey

In response to continuing growth, Aviagen-owned Ross Breeders Anadolu (RBA) is to step up its domestic production of parent stock chicks this year, with the commissioning of a new Smart™ single-stage grandparent stock hatchery from Pas Reform.

Located at Elmadag, the new hatchery will include SmartSet™ setters, SmartHatch™ hatchers and a SmartCenter™ hatchery information system, with automated egg receiving, egg transfer and chick handling and a hatchery climate control system that incorporates energy-saving heat recovery systems. Turkey’s leading supplier of broiler breeder day old chicks will more than double annual production for RBA’s domestic market, with the completion of the new hatchery bringing total capacity to 13 million day old breeder chicks each year.

Pas Reform will also provide a comprehensive hatchery management training programme, to ensure that production and performance are quickly optimised.

RBA’s general manager, Mr Stephen Jones, signed the new contract with Pas Reform’s CEO Bart Aangenendt. “We have seen significant investment in the broiler sector in Turkey in recent years”, he said, “and this new development will ensure that we can satisfy growing industry demand for Parent Stock chicks.”

RBA is based in the Central Anatolian region of Turkey and was originally formed in 1999 as a Joint Venture between Aviagen and Saudi Arabia’s  Dabbagh Group, before being fully acquired by Aviagen earlier this year. 

Mr. Jones says: “RBA Employs an “integrated management” approach, that delivers support throughout the production chain, focusing knowledge and experience specifically where it’s needed to help maximize the profitability of each customer’s business. 

“Pas Reform’s approach is very similar and represents an excellent fit with this policy.”

Henk Markhorst, Sales Director of Pas Reform Hatchery Technologies, concludes: “RBA is committed to very high standards, both in the PS chicks they supply and also in the technical service provided to their customers. 

“Pas Reform is delighted to have been selected for this new hatchery project – and we look forward to working with RBA, to contribute to their continuing growth in the future.”


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