VH Group hosts Pas Reform lecture program in Bangalore

11 June 2013

VH Group hosts Pas Reform lecture program in Bangalore

India’s ‘Garden City’ Bangalore provided the dynamic backdrop for a lecture programme presented by Pas Reform recently, when India’s VH Group hosted a seminar for technical and support staff in March.

More than 40 staff members from VH Group breeder farms and hatcheries, Bala Industries and recent SmartPro™ single-stage customer Sahayadri Hatchery, from Pune, attended the seminar. Two practical sessions, one on hatching egg quality and the second on analysis of clears and unhatched eggs, were projected onto a large screen to ensure that everyone in the group could see Dr. Boerjan’s demonstrations clearly.

The program was supported with materials produced by Dr. Shetty and his team, and the Seminar produced lively interaction and discussions, with Dr. Boerjan’s session on egg storage being particularly well received.

Pas Reform emphasised its commitment to Indian customers in 2009, when the company continued its expansion in Asia with the launch of a dedicated country sales and service center in Udumalpet, to deliver localised support.

“These lecture programs complement our local team’s expertise,” concludes Dr. Seng, “by providing the most up-to-date information, and by forming an important and direct link for our customers with specialists from Pas Reform Academy.”

“We are very grateful to Executives and staff of VH Group for their support and hospitality in hosting this event and to the hatchery professionals who attended, whose questions and involvement made it such an interesting and successful occasion. We look forward to the next one.”


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