Pas Reform’s SmartPro™ the logical choice for Miratorg

11 June 2013

Pas Reform’s SmartPro™ the logical choice for Miratorg

Russia’s leading producer of pork and beef has selected SmartPro™ single stage incubation from Pas Reform, to deliver hatchery operations for the development of its new poultry business.

Miratorg Agribusiness Holding has commissioned a 75mn eggs per year hatchery from Pas Reform. The new installation will incorporate forty-two SmartSetPro™ setters, six with a capacity of 38,400 eggs and thirty-six with a capacity of 115,200 eggs each. The comprehensive installation also includes a complete line of hatchery automation systems: automatic candling and transfer, back filling unit and setter trolley loader/unloader, with climate control systems throughout the hatchery.

Pas Reform is also delivering a full package of specialised engineering services and online training for Miratorg hatchery personnel.

Miratorg Agribusiness Holdings was founded in 1995, growing rapidly to lead domestic pork and beef markets, by integrating its businesses to consolidate and strengthen domestic self-reliance, quality and pricing.

“As part of a holding that performs the whole production cycle from field to counter, each business can remain largely independent of market conditions and material costs,” says chairman Alexandr Linnik, “Optimising production and reducing risk by vertical integration allows Miratorg to monitor product quality and maximise efficiency throughout production.”

Miratorg began to implement the vertical integration project for its broiler meat operations in Bryansk region last year. The project, says Mr Linnik, will apply the newest ideas and latest achievements in the world of poultry and meat processing, to include a cereal company, feed mill, PS farms, hatchery, growing farms and slaughter house. Building a company for poultry meat production is part of Miratorg’s strategy for further expansion, using the same development strategy that has made Miratorg market leader in pork and beef.

“Supporting development by investing in our own production, logistics and distribution is the logical step in our company development," adds vice-president Alexandr Nikitin. “Pas Reform’s SmartPro™ hatchery technologies deliver our vision of quality and efficiency: they are a logical choice for the future development of Miratorg poultry.”


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