Sustainable disinfection is a breakthrough for hatcheries

7 February 2012

Sustainable disinfection is a breakthrough for hatcheries

Following news of Pas Reform’s agreement to supply Watter® Nontox sustainable disinfection to hatcheries worldwide, Dutch hatchery Probroed & Sloot has put Nontox to the test, with compelling results.

Extensive trials were carried out at the independent hatchery’s Meppel facility, to compare results using Watter®Nontox technologies, which use water, salt and electricity to produce a powerful, non-toxic disinfectant, with traditional, toxic chemicals such as formalin.

“We carried out the tests with several batches of 400,000 hatching eggs,” explains Probroed & Sloot’s hatchery manager at the Meppel facility, Mr Gert Zoet. “and found that Nontox disinfection performed equally or better than formalin in reducing the microbiological growth of aerobic and enterobacteria.”

The results, which fully support the findings of independent scientific trials carried out by Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) and the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), could signal a fundamental change in the way hatcheries and other poultry businesses manage disinfection protocols.

“Probroed & Sloot is a long-established, progressive and ambitious company,” said Mr Zoet, “With a focus on becoming the premier supplier of day old chicks in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

“We aim to achieve this with absolute respect for the well-being of both animals and human beings at every level in our operations. As well as the key benefit of sustainable, on site production, we are entirely satisfied that Nontox supports our aims by delivering a safe, non-toxic solution to effective disinfection.”

Watter Nontox is available for hatchery use exclusively from leading Dutch hatchery technology company Pas Reform.


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