Kurskiy commission Pas Reform for new hatchery in Russia

10 December 2011

Kurskiy commission Pas Reform for new hatchery in Russia

Pas Reform has been commissioned by Kurskiy Agrokholding, part of Belay Ptica group in Russia, to install a new hatchery in Gorshechnoye, Kursk region. 

The commission includes Smart™ incubators, hatchery automation and climate control systems, to produce 90 mln eggs per year.

Smart™ hatchery automation will include the automatic transfer of setter trays from farm trolleys into setter trolleys, fully automatic candling and transfer system, setter tray washing machines and a vacuum offal system. The HVAC system will include a complete climate control system throughout the hatchery and pressure regulated, integrated heating and cooling systems with outdoor cold water chillers.

The new hatchery is due for completion within the first phase of construction in January 2012, which also includes slaughterhouse and broiler farm operations. A feed mill and parent stock farms are planned for a second phase of construction in 2013.

General director of the enterprise is Sergey Vasilievich Shelaikin, who says that effectively managing the hatch window was an important factor in selecting Smart™ incubation technologies from Pas Reform. “We know that uniformity and the overall quality of the day old chicks is essential, not only for a good start but also to promote optimum growth throughout the whole growing period”, he says.  “Hatchery Kurskiy Agrokholding has ambitious plans for the future – and our new Smart™ hatchery will play an important role in helping us to realize those aims.”


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