Russia’s Okskaya extends hatchery with Pas Reform

6 June 2011

Russia’s Okskaya extends hatchery with Pas Reform

Okskaya Pticefabrika, in Russia’s Ryazanskaya region, has commissioned Smart™ technologies from Pas Reform for a new 40 million egg layer hatchery.

The new hatchery will be the latest expansion to the collaborative integration, with installation to include 20 new SmartSet™ setters, each with a capacity of 115,200 layer eggs and 24 new SmartHatch™ hatchers, Hatchery Automation Systems including chick take-off, sexing and vaccination carousels, automatic tipper, washing machines and a vacuum system.

An advanced climate control/HVAC system will ensure the finite control of temperature, climate and fresh air supply throughout the hatchery. Pas Reform’s international project team will deliver full engineering support for the Project. 
The new hatchery will deliver high quality, day old Lohmann and H&N layer chicks to farms in Russia and CIS countries. In addition the facility will supply Okskaya’s layer farms with a capacity of 1.5 million table eggs per day.

Okskaya PF was founded on 12,000 chicks in April 1972, growing to an output of one million eggs just fifteen months later. The hatchery and its associated operations have delivered strong, consistent growth ever since.

In 2006, under general director Sergey Ratnikov, a number of agricultural enterprises in the region were united under the Okskaya name, adding two poultry factories, one feed-plant, one PS farm and a grain producer to the growing manufacturing complex, which is now the largest egg producer in the region.

With the emphasis on producing high-quality eggs, Okskaya monitors everything from the growth of healthy chicks, to feed quality, accurate grading and packing and advanced logistics for timely delivery. Mr Ratnikov was impressed, he says, by the fine control offered by Pas Reform’s Smart™ hatchery technologies throughout the hatchery – and by the Dutch company’s  dedicated project team and specialist contributions to the planning process.  “Okskaya’s success over the past 30 years has been sustained because we take care in every detail. Pas Reform and it’s Smart™ technologies are a very good fit for our future plans.”

Pas Reform Russia has been engaged in the development of Okskaya’s new hatchery project from the beginning. Managing Director Wim Schaafsma says: “Okskaya is thoroughly progressive and extremely demanding in terms of quality. Pas Reform is delighted to have been chosen as the hatchery’s incubation partner – and we look forward to contributing to Okskaya’s continuing success.”