SmartPro™ NF: Next generation design for the future-focused hatchery

13 December 2016

SmartPro™ NF: Next generation design for the future-focused hatchery

Building on more than fifty years at the leading edge of single-stage incubation technology, SmartPro™’s modular design makes it possible to meet the specific needs of every egg being incubated, according to its breed, flock, age or storage profile. And now, with the introduction of the NF series, SmartPro™ can accommodate a wide variety of tray types, including both US and European sizes.

The full SmartPro™ NF incubation system comprises SmartSetPro™ NF (Setter) and SmartHatchPro™ NF (Hatcher), combined with the SmartTouch™ incubator control system. SmartCenterPro™, the most complete hatchery management software in the industry, completes the system by combining powerful hatchery management tools with data from incubation, HVAC and hatchery automation - all in one, seamlessly integrated software module.

SmartPro™ NF incubation technologies have been developed to conquer the three key challenges facing the modern hatchery: genetic progress, uniformity and post hatch performance.

To find out more, find and download the SmartPro™ NF Series brochure or find out about all incubation solutions from Pas Reform.


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