Smart hatchery boosts Belpticeprom growth in Belarus

11 May 2010

Smart hatchery boosts Belpticeprom growth in Belarus

Forward-looking parent stock hatchery Belpticeprom has cemented an important Agreement with Aviagen, to become the sole distributor of Ross parent stock for the Belarusian domestic market.

The Agreement comes just months after Belpticeprom’s investment in a new state-of-the-art hatchery, designed and equipped by leading Dutch hatchery technology supplier Pas Reform. The new ‘Smart™ Hatchery’ was planned with input from Aviagen’s European team and completed in June last year, to include SmartSet™ setters, SmartHatch™ hatchers, Pas Reform’s Automated Hatching System and SmartCenter™ hatchery management, for the production of up to 4 million hatching eggs per annum.

The installation also includes Hatchery Automation and Climate Control Systems from Pas Reform, with full onsite training and hatchery management training provided by the Pas Reform Academy. In April this year, Belpticeprom further extended the hatchery complex to increase production up to 6 million hatching eggs a year.

General director Mr Yurij Fesin visited Pas Reform’s headquarters in Zeddam, The Netherlands, to participate in a hatchery management training programme at Pas Reform Academy. “A total commitment to quality is at the heart of our Agreement with Aviagen – and in our use of the most modern, modular single-stage incubation processes, Belpticeprom is strongly positioned to support our partnership with Aviagen, for self-reliance and robust, continuing growth in our domestic market.”