Smart cost benefits for Marshall in the Philippines

8 March 2010

Smart cost benefits for Marshall in the Philippines

In a year when chicken output in the Philippines was predicted to slow due to reduced consumer demand and the rising cost of feed and production, Marshall Poultry has found enhanced growth in converting to the use of Smart single stage incubation from Pas Reform.

After detailed consultation with his production team and a review of the performance of Pas Reform’s Smart technologies in Malaysia, entrepreneur and business owner Mr Ruben Tan is, he says, ‘very optimistic’ of an early return on his investment.

Marshall Poultry Farms commissioned a brand new hatchery complex at San Vicente in the Bulacan region in September, opening the new complex with six SmartSet™ setters and six SmartHatch™ hatchers this year to operate in Single Stage.

Pas Reform’s project team provided advices to the development of the new hatchery, to include detailed site planning, fine layouts, ventilation specifications and the installation plus commissioning of setters and hatchers.

'For us, the rising cost of multi-stage incubation was a major concern', says Mr Ruben Tan.  'Single Stage incubation has enhanced performance throughout the integration, with improved chick quality and vitality, better feed conversion and ultimately great performance from a higher yielding broiler.'

Pas Reform’s representative in the region, Dr Tan Ee Seng, concludes: 'It has been a genuine pleasure to work with Mr Ruben Tan and his team in realising this project. 'I am confident that together, we have forged a great, forward-looking partnership that will continue to grow and prosper.'