Krasnoyaruzhskiy on-track to double capacity with Smart

13 December 2009

Krasnoyaruzhskiy on-track to double capacity with Smart

Russia’s ZAO Krasnoyaruzhskiy Broiler continues to demonstrate remarkable growth, with the development of a further GPS hatchery designed and equipped by leading Dutch hatchery technology company Pas Reform.

With capacity for 12 million eggs per year, the new GPS hatchery mirrors an earlier GPS project, with the installation of a full suite of Smart hatchery technologies, including SmartSet™ setters, SmartHatch™ Hatchers, hatchery automation and climate control systems.

A unique ventilation system, designed specifically for Krasnoyaruzhskiy’s first GPS hatchery in 2006 by Pas Reform, includes an air preparation room, situated above the transfer room, to ensure that rigorous temperature and humidity parameters are met before air is streamed into the incubation areas.

The new facility brings Krasnoyaruzhskiy’s total capacity up to six million parent stock each year: growth resulting from the company having established its reputation, by consistently delivering PS chicks of the highest quality since Krasnoyaruzhskiy’s inception.

Close collaboration with Pas Reform’s Academy has, says Kraznoyaruzhskiy’s general director, Mr. Leonid Segal, been fundamental to shaping the new GPS facilities. “Among our customers is our mother company Prioskolje, for which almost half of our production capacity is dedicated. The standards demanded of us are extremely high – and in turn, we expect a great deal from our partners and suppliers.

“Pas Reform has demonstrated its commitment to those standards time and time again over the years, and we are fortunate to have a dedicated and vigilant project team from the Academy working with us.”

Aside from design and installation for the GPS hatcheries, Pas Reform’s senior poultry specialists conduct regular site visits each year, to monitor hatchery data and provide ongoing consultancy services for Kraznoyaruzhskiy’s management team.

Besides the sale of parentstock, Krasnayarugskiy broiler also has it’s own parent stock farms, with capacity up to 120 million broiler eggs per year placing the company firmly as one of the largest egg producers in Russia.