Pas Reform designs Siberia’s largest poultry complex

2 December 2009

Pas Reform designs Siberia’s largest poultry complex

Russia’s fastest growing poultry integration, ZAO Prioskoljie, has launched a new poultry production complex – Altaiskiy Broiler - in Siberia, adding a further modern feedmill, hatchery, farms and slaughterhouse to its investments.

Named after its location, Altaiskiy was selected, says Prioskoljie’s General Director Gennadiy Bobritskiy, for its well-developed forage resources, good production markets, favourable climate and economic conditions.

The hatchery at Altaiskiy was designed and equipped by leading Dutch hatchery technology company Pas Reform.

Using the company’s latest Smart technologies, the new facility includes SmartSet™ setters, SmartHatch™ hatchers, hatchery automation and climate control systems and advanced hatchery management and information software systems. Pas Reform’s Academy provides on and offsite training and consultancy services, to monitor hatchery results and provide guidance for the finetuning of incubation programmes.

With an opening capacity of 36 million eggs per annum, poultry and poultry meat products are being marketed primarily in Biysk, Kemerovo region, under the trademark “Altayiskiy Broiler”. All products meet international quality standards, with up to 60 per cent of total volume marketed as frozen produce.

Future plans will see Altaiskiy Broiler’s capacity doubled, to extend product marketing more broadly into Siberia, The Urals and for export to the Far East.

The new complex is the result of a cooperative Agreement between Belgorodskaya region, represented by Governor Evgeniy Savchenko and Altaiskiy region, represented by Governor Aleksandr Karlin. Following months of negotiation, the new poultry complex Altaiskiy Broiler was established in 2007, with major investment from ZAO Prioskolje realising the vision for what is now the largest poultry complex in Siberia.