Smart hatchery for pioneering Provita

2 August 2009

Smart hatchery for pioneering Provita

Bangladesh’s Provita Group has commissioned Pas Reform to refit existing hatchery operations with Smart hatchery equipment, as part of a dynamic programme to support the Company’s rapid expansion.

The refurbishment, which will include the installation of SmartSet™ Setters, SmartHatch™ Hatchers, hatchery automation and climate control systems, will raise production to 250,000 day old chicks per week by the end of this year, with plans to further increase weekly targets to 0.5 million d.o.c. by the end of 2010. Pas Reform Academy will provide a full onsite training programme, as well as ongoing monitoring and advice to tailor Provita’s incubation programmes for peak performance.

As a Company well-respected for its pioneering, quality-focused Trading, Garments and Shipping businesses, the Provita Group entered the poultry market six years ago. Under the energetic and hard-working leadership of Chairman Mr. Md. Nurun Nabi Bhuiyan, both reputation and market share were soon established for Provita’s feedmill and hatchery, prompting the further development of broiler breeding farms to add to the Group’s business interests.

“Provita is a very modern company, strongly focused on quality, efficiency and the adoption of innovative technologies to achieve its business aims”, says Mr. Zahidul Islam, Pas Reform’s representative in Bangladesh. “Pas Reform is committed to a cooperative partnership that will contribute to Provita’s continuing strength and growth in the future.”


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