CBH invests in SmartPro™ hatchery for Valentine’s Chicken

11 November 2016

CBH invests in SmartPro™ hatchery for Valentine’s Chicken

Country Bird Holdings (CBH) is investing further in Nigeria’s Valentine’s Chicken, to establish a new SmartPro™ equipped hatchery from Pas Reform. The new facility will bring the company’s total weekly setting capacity up to 345,600 eggs.

Following CBH’s success with Pas Reform’s equipment and services in their Ross Zambia hatcheries, the Valentine’s Chicken complex will incorporate nine SmartSetPro™6 setters and nine SmartHatchPro™ hatchers, as well as a full HVAC climate control system.

In an effort to increase commercial farming in Nigeria, the local Government of Kwara State invited a group of expatriate Zimbabwean farmers to start up a commercial farming project in 2005. Out of this project, Valentines Chicken Ltd was established in 2009 - and in 2015 the principal shareholders sold a majority stake in the business to Country Bird Holdings.

With a senior team that has huge experience in the poultry industry, CBH has brought new perspective and vision to the company. This investment puts Valentine’s Chicken on track to become one of the largest poultry producers in Nigeria.


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