90 years in the hatchery business

14 January 2009

90 years in the hatchery business

Dutch hatchery technology company Pas Reform marks 90 years in the hatchery business this year. All the signs point to a business committed to further global expansion in the future.

Originally founded when village blacksmith Gerrit Pas first turned his skills to developing a new incubation system in 1919, that innovative focus on the future has become a trademark of Pas Reform’s development and expansion over the decades. 

Today the company has a worldwide presence, with more than 60 subsidiaries and distributors to serve its growing number of hatchery customers globally. Pas Reform is credited with developing the first modular single stage incubators: its ‘Smart’ technologies. The company’s continuous new product and service development programme is shaped by the needs of its customers and partnerships in more than 100 countries. 

“This is a meaningful and important milestone for Pas Reform”, says Bart Aangenendt, CEO of Pas Reform Hatchery Technologies. “Over the last decade, we have experienced almost unprecedented growth: a testament to the loyalty of our customers, the increased need for modular single-stage incubators – and to the vision and dedication of our employees and the work of our Academy around the world.” 

Throughout its history, the company has fully embraced new and emerging technological advances in its pursuit of excellence. “Uniformity remains at the pinnacle of our achievements in incubation,” says Bart Aangenendt, “because it is so important to our hatchery customers.”  

“And as we look to the future, our ability to combine research, technology and engineering will continue to be a crucial factor in driving innovation and performance, for the benefit of our customers worldwide.” 

To mark its 90th anniversary, Pas Reform will host champagne celebrations onstand at International events around the world. Details can be found atpasreform.com. The company is also introducing a commemorative anniversary edition DVD of its new film documentary, Setting Standards for Uniformity.


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