Premiere of Pas Reform films at Eurotier 2008

2 May 2008

Premiere of Pas Reform films at Eurotier 2008

Leading hatchery technology company Pas Reform has commissioned three films, which have been shown for the first time at Eurotier 2008 in Hanover this November.

Shot in collaboration with hatcheries around the world earlier this year, the films explore the future of the hatchery sector globally and include interviews with some of the world’s leading academics and experts in the field.

The first of the three films, Setting Standards for Uniformity looks at the key challenges facing commercial hatcheries in the future. “With demand for poultry meat and products expected to rise by more than 50 per cent by 2025, our sector faces serious challenges in striving to meet that demand, while at the same time continuing to deliver an affordable product”, explains Pas Reform CEO Bart Aangenendt. “Making these films has been a fascinating and informative process. We are looking forward to receiving feedback from our customers and colleagues at Eurotier.”

The other two films look respectively at the work of Pas Reform Academy and the products that have been developed by the Dutch company, specifically in response to the key challenges of genetic progress and the ever-increasing need for uniformity.

Featured interviews include contributions from Dr. Marleen Boerjan, Director Research & Development, Pas Reform Academy; Gordon Butland, Director G&S Agriconsultants Co. Ltd., Thailand; Professor dr. R. Michael Hulet, Penn State University, USA; Professor dr. ir. Eddy Decuypere, Catholic University Leuven, Belgium and Dr. ir. Gerard Albers, Director Research & Technology Centre, Hendrix Genetics, The Netherlands.

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