New: Hatch Window module

31 March 2008

New: Hatch Window module

Fully automated processes deliver greater accuracy, and SmartHatch™ monitors and adjusts the hatching process automatically - from the day of transfer right through to the hatching of the last chicks hatching. There is no need for human intervention. 

Field trials have proven that the systematic measurement and control of temperature, humidity and CO2production, combined with the use of current and historical data to adjust the hatcher environment consistently, produce higher levels of uniformity per batch.

Automated Hatching (AHS™) is an important feature of SmartHatch™: a system that controls ventilation in the hatcher towards the end of the hatching process, based on carbon dioxide or CO2 levels within the machine.

When chicks hatch, they are of course breathing normally for the first time outside the egg. SmartHatch™’s automated hatching system monitors CO2 levels, automatically triggering ventilation to maintain a steady 0.5% CO2 setpoint inside the machine.

This CO2 monitoring mechanism works in tandem with a monitor of humidity levels.

As the hatch begins, and CO2 levels spike briefly, humidity in the machine will climb above optimum 56%. Peak humidity will occur during the hatch, and a drop of 3% from peak is a very good indicator of the end of the hatch window, when all the chicks have hatched.

With the ability to measure these two factors, CO2 and peak humidity – so precisely - Pas Reform has developed a reliable way to calculate the hatch peak, and therefore the hatch window, more accurately than ever before in the industry.

By calculating the time elapsed from the CO2 spike at the start of the hatch, to seeing that 3% drop from peak humidity  – SmartHatch™ actually works out the hatch window per batch of chicks – using that information to trigger ‘hatch alerts’, indicated by a flashing chick on the hatcher console – to inform the hatchery manager when the chicks are ready for take off to further processing.


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