New: SmartView™

12 March 2008

New: SmartView™

Pas Reform’s new SmartView™ communicates with every SmartDrive™ unit,  to continuously monitor incubator, hatchery automation and climate control systems and finetune settings for optimum conditions at all times. An on-screen, customised layout of the hatchery serves as the main control panel, form which every function and parameter for each individual incubator throughout the hatchery may be accessed and controlled. The system comprises an entire database with log files on alarm and climate history, to allow for trouble shooting diagnostics.

Technical specifications

Communication with SmartCenter™ and SmartDrive™: LAN (Local Area Network)


Overview module: Control screen provides access to all essential parameters of the individual incubators displayed on a custom-made hatchery layout
Hatchery management module: Unlimited number of breed and age specific incubation programmes
Incubation programmes: Specific programmes for pre-heating, temperature, humidity, valve, CO2 and turning


Reports module: Database with records on alarm and climate history, and version control of incubation programmes

Screen: Enhanced, scratch-resistant hard-coat screen, which gives SmartView™ unparalleled protection against damage; ideal for heavy-usage environments


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