New manufacturing partnership in Brazil

14 January 2008

New manufacturing partnership in Brazil

Pas Reform and prominent Brazilian poultry businessman José Antonio Campos Fracasso, president of Hygen Genética Avícola Ltda., have announced a new venture to manufacture Pas Reform’s full suite of Hatchery Technologies outside The Netherlands for the first time in the Dutch company’s history.

Pas Reform do Brasil is being launched as a subsidiary of the Dutch company at Rio Claro city/SP and will, says Bouke Hamminga, Pas Reform’s International sales and business development director, make the Dutch company’s comprehensive range of hatchery technologies and technical support services fully and directly available to the Brazilian poultry sector, on a permanent and definitive basis.

"As a region forecasting continuing and substantial growth in its domestic and export poultry markets, Brazil represents an area of enormous strategic importance to Pas Reform over the next 5-10 years," explains Bouke. "This exciting, new manufacturing partnership further underlines Pas Reform’s commitment to global expansion and close, market cooperation. By working with a partner of Mr José Fracasso and his team’s standing, we have together created a sustainable, fully supported infrastructure – through which we can deliver effective modular single-stage incubation technologies in support of the Brazilian poultry sector’s growth and global ambitions."

Pas Reform do Brasil is headed by Dr. Thomas Abdo Calil, who will be responsible for all sales and business administration activities. He comments: "As the largest player in world poultry export, there is plenty of room in Brazil for a new company that can deliver both current and emerging hatchery technologies."

"Pas Reform has already established its heritage as a leading player in the world market – and this commitment to working in partnership with a permanent manufacturing base in Brazil leaves no doubt that Pas Reform is investing strongly in this market for the future."

Brazil’s key integrators are, says Dr. Calil, fully engaged in production expansion processes - and news that Pas Reform’s market-leading Smart incubation technologies will now also be manufactured in Brazil has been met with massive enthusiasm. "There will be no difference at all. Pas Reform incubation systems manufactured here in Brazil will meet the very same, exacting standards of those produced for hatcheries anywhere in the world."

Customers of Pas Reform do Brasil will also have access to the Pas Reform Academy, a dedicated training facility that shares the combined knowledge of a team of recognised authorities on embryology, incubation, genetics, hatchery management and technical training. 

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