Wasikowski Poland chooses Smart

2 July 2007

Wasikowski Poland chooses Smart

Since opting for the use of single stage incubation processes with Smart Technologies from Pas Reform last year, Specjalistyczne Gospodarstwo Rolno Drobiarskie (SGRD) owner Jan Wasikowski in Czarne, Poland, is reporting significant increases in production.

Originally founded in 1967, Wasikowski adopted Pas Reform incubation systems almost 20 years ago. Then, in a bid to increase production inline with growing opportunities in their domestic market, the owner operated hatchery recently took the decision to transfer operations to single-stage, closed door Smart technologies.

Owner and director Mr. Jan Wasikowski says that investment in the Dutch hatchery technology company's SmartSet setters and SmartHatch hatchers is already paying dividends.

"With the switch from multi to single stage incubation last year," he says, "we have immediately gained three per cent growth in peak hatchability from eggs set.

"On an annual turnout of 22 million d.o.c., that is equivalent to 660,000 additional d.o.c per annum, approximately Euro 165,000 each year."

Wasikowski went full steam ahead with their new investment, incorporating Pas Reform's Automated Hatching System (AHS), a SmartCenter Hatchery Information System, Hatchery Automation and Climate Control Systems.

"With a small team of six working in the hatchery, the improvements gained by automating key functions have been further assisted with the installation of SmartCenter, so that today, our hatchery is fully programmable to optimize production across a variety of breed and age related incubation programs", he concludes.

Wasikowski's partially integrated operations also include parent stock farms, to produce Hubbard and Ross day old broiler chicks for selling into the domestic poultry meat production market.

Serial entrepreneur Mr. Jan Wasikowski, continues to establish new businesses, while handing over the management of his modern hatchery into the hands of second generation Wasikowski ownership. Wiesllawa Wasikowska-Lewandowska and Marek Lewandowski have, he says, the benefit of a strong heritage and great drive and energy, combined with Smart, future focused technology, and to take his company well into the future.