Pas Reform - working Smart in Russia

1 March 2007

Pas Reform - working Smart in Russia

It is already two years since Dutch Hatchery Technology Company Pas Reform, in its commitment to global expansion and close market co-operation, opened a new subsidiary, Pas Reform Russia, to serve growing markets in Russia and Belarus.

Pas Reform Russia is headed by General Director Wim Schaafsma and Commercial Director Anna Kolygina, who are permanently based in Belgorod, the centre of one of the country's main poultry producing regions some 600 km south of Moscow.

Since opening its doors for business, Pas Reform Russia has demonstrated enormous growth - to became the unchallenged market leader in the CIS countries. By the beginning of 2007, a hatching capacity of more then 750 million eggs per year has been supplied in CIS countries.

"Russia and the C.I.S. countries are still major importers of poultry meat," explains Mrs. Kolygina. "Despite having the capacity and capability to meet demand with domestic production, in Russia for example almost 50 percent of the poultry meet is still imported..

"If we take into consideration that the consumption of poultry meat in Russia, per capita, is only half that of western Europe, and less then a quarter of that in the USA, the opportunities are enormous."

Pas Reform Russia anticipates major growth in the coming years, as producers gear up to capitalize on the opportunities - and meet the challenges - of increased demand.

Pas Reform Russia fully reflects its parent company's commitment to working in partnership with customers, delivering the full range of products, parts, technical support and services for the region, for the much acclaimed Smart™ hatchery systems (incubators, hatchery automation systems and hatchery climate control systems).

Comprehensive project management services include full hatchery planning and design services - either to expand on existing facilities, or to develop new Greenfield sites. And customers of Pas Reform Russia also have access to the Pas Reform Academy, a dedicated training facility that shares the combined knowledge of a team of recognized authorities on embryology, incubation, genetics, hatchery management and technical training. Academy training can be provided either onsite or at Pas Reform's Dutch headquarters.

The 'Academy' has become an important contributor to the success of Pas Reform's commercial partnerships worldwide in recent years, and Wim Schaafsma believes that in Russia too, these highly practical and relevant training programmes, together with the highest lever of service and support, are already proving their value to customers. "The Academy delivers the most up-to-date intelligence in such a way that it can be easily incorporated into daily practice, to deliver tangible results in the hatchery," he says.

Pas Reform Russia already has a string of successful projects to its credit, with leading hatcheries in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other C.I.S. countries.