Smart expansion continues for Aviagen in Russia with Pas Reform

20 June 2017

Smart expansion continues for Aviagen in Russia with Pas Reform

Five years after commissioning its new PS hatchery in Yasnogorsk, LLC Aviagen in Russia is fortifying its positions by having completed another important stage of expansion that will increase total production up to 48 mln eggs per year.

LLC Aviagen has been collaborating with Pas Reform throughout its hatchery development programme in Russia, that is why it should come as no surprise that our choice of the partner for this latest phase of expansion was Pas Reform again, says Valeriy Starodubtsev, the company’s general director.

“An intensive investment program focused on the technological production process, as well as on egg quality, transportation, egg hatchability, economic performance and employee biosecurity level performed in the LLC Aviagen hatchery resulted in getting the Level One Breeder Status that was awarded by the Russian Ministry of Agriculture. At present LLC Aviagen is a supplier of Ross 308, Ross PM3 and Arbor Acres chicks for more than 60 poultry farms of the domestic market.

“The received award has become another proof of a high quality of flocks supplied from eggs produced in Russia. Ross and Arbor Acres birds show exceptional performance that makes us keep investing in our production in order to be able to meet the growing costumers’ demands.”

The new installation includes the latest SmartPro™ single stage incubation technologies, as well as a package of climate-control. All the hatchery key functions are ‘super-connected’ by Pas Reform’s dynamic, web-based SmartCenterPro™ information system, which gathers real-time data to deliver unrivalled analysis and reporting for every hatch cycle, optimising management and operation at every level of the hatchery’s operations. Alongside the hatchery expansion, the company will also launch a new feed mill and three new farms to support its growing operations.

LLC Aviagen is, says Mr Starodubstev, delighted to continue its partnership with Pas Reform. “From the very beginning, our professional team has won a global support of Pas Reform hatchery specialists that includes regular consultancy services and full access to Pas Reform Academy and its management training programmes.”

“We have set high standards and we will continue to invest not only in delivering high-quality birds to Russian poultry farms, but also in our specialists who are responsible for keeping our production on the highest level.”