Fortune chooses Smart for new GPS venture in Sri Lanka

7 February 2006

Fortune chooses Smart for new GPS venture in Sri Lanka

Fortune GP Farms, the new LKR 100 million venture recently launched by leading Sri Lankan integrators Bairaha Farms Ltd (BFL) and Midland Breeders in partnership with Hybro B.V. of the Netherlands, has selected Smart hatchery technology from Pas Reform, to establish the country's most advanced Grand Parent Broiler Breeder Farm and hatchery operations to date.

"We selected Pas Reform's Smart incubation system primarily to improve day old chick uniformity, which is an important prerequisite to optimising the condition of the day old chicks", says Mr. Yakooth Naleem, managing director of Fortune GP Farms.

Pas Reform's widely acclaimed Smart incubation system has been designed specifically to meet this requirement, along with meeting the challenges presented by genetic advancement in modern breeds and the optimisation of post-hatch performance.

Fortune GP Farms has been set up in a remote 100-acre site off Dambulla, with its state-of-the-art hatchery located in a separate, 10-acre plot. The new venture is capable of producing 70 percent of the local poultry sector's parent stock requirements, which until the launch of Fortune GP Farms have had to be imported.

"The availability of locally hatched broiler breeder parents will produce significant savings for local poultry farmers," explained Mr. Naleem, "as this negates the need to pay import duty, L/C charges or customs levies - and at the same time, avoids the hassles attached to clearing live cargo from customs.

 "Our chicks will also quite naturally be in much better condition when supplied," he continued, "because they will travel much shorter, domestic distances and spend less time in transit than imported livestock."

Pas Reform's experienced project management team has worked in partnership with Fortune to install SmartSet™ setters, SmartHatch™ hatchers, the SmartDrive™ incubator control system and the SmartCenter™ hatchery management information system. The Dutch hatchery technology company also delivered the complete hatchery ventilation system.

"Working with Pas Reform has been a pleasure", concluded Mr. Naleem. "From start to finish, their project team listened carefully to our requirements to deliver the planning and installation on time and in budget."

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