Smart expansion for Ukraine's Mironovsky

4 January 2006

Smart expansion for Ukraine's Mironovsky

Ukraine's leading integrated poultry producer, Mironovsky Hliboprodukt, has contracted Dutch hatchery technology company Pas Reform to supply new equipment and training for a major new expansion project over the next two years.

Pas Reform will supply 102 SmartSet™ setters and 144 SmartHatch™ hatchers to the Project, to target production of over 175 million day old chicks per year. The ambitious expansion will see Mironovsky Hliboproduckt's outputs rise to 227,000 tons of chilled poultry products, including whole birds, cutups, giblets and other meat products, by 2008.

"Poultry consumption is growing rapidly in the Ukraine," Mr. Y.Kosyuk says, "and we envisage a situation in the next five years, whereby the poultry sector here will not only satisfy domestic demand, but will also begin exporting to neighbouring markets."

Kosyuk's bold expansion plans include the development of a Greenfield poultry factory, with hatchery, broiler growing facilities and a processing plant in the Kanev area. A further Greenfield project will add a second processing plant, for the production of a variety of semi-finished products.

At the same time, the company will expand and upgrade its feed mill, as well as purchasing and upgrading a second feed mill in the town of Katerinopol, approximately 250km south of Kiev.

Pas Reform will be instrumental in expanding existing facilities and constructing new ones throughout Mironovsky's poultry integration chain, with work including building design, routing and energy calculations.

The company's SmartHatch™ hatchers and SmartSet™ setters will be complemented by a complete package of bespoke hatchery automation and climate control systems, including disinfection rooms, air handling units, chillers and heat energy recovery systems, vaccination equipment, chick counting and boxing systems and washing machines.

"We are delighted that Mironovsky Hliboprodukt has chosen Pas Reform's Smart technologies to drive its bold, ambitious plans for expansion," says the Dutch company's president, Bart Aangenendt.

'Intelligent, single-stage incubation is only part of the equation in any operation," he continues, "and our Academy will fully support Mironovsky Hliboprodukt throughout set-up and beyond, with a dedicated hatchery management training programme, to ensure that the company's hatchery personnel are well-equipped to get the best possible performance out of their new system."