Paragon signs for new Smart Incubation System

12 July 2005

Paragon signs for new Smart Incubation System

Following the launch of Pas Reform's new Smart Incubation System during the World Poultry Show in Hanover last November, Paragon Group has signed an agreement for the supply of Smart Incubators for its new state-of-the art hatchery in Bangladesh. The contract was signed by Mr. Moshiur Rahman, Managing Director of Paragon Group and Mr. Zahidul Islam from Axon Ltd, Pas Reform's Representative in Bangladesh, at Dhaka on Dec 22, 2004.

Paragon Poultry Limited (PPL) in Gazipur, near the capital city of Dhaka, is a private limited company - and as a pioneer of modern commercial poultry production, one of the largest integrated poultry farms in the country.

The new Smart incubators will be installed at Paragon Group's new Grand Parent stock hatchery when exterior construction has been completed in April, 2005. Mr. Rahman comments: 'We will produce Hubbard breeders at the new hatchery -; and having studied the different options that were available to us in terms of equipment and support, we found that the new Smart machines from Pas Reform, combined with the company's commitment to the Bangladeshi market, were front-runners in both these respects'.

Pas Reform will deliver a tailored combination of SmartSet™ setters and SmartHatch™ hatchers to the project -; and the Dutch hatchery technology company has also designed the entire layout of the new facility, with a keen focus on Paragon Group's future needs and expansion plans.

'We look forward to hatching the first chicks from the new hatchery, which will be the pinnacle of modern incubation in Bangladesh', continues Mr. Rahman. 'To provide optimum support for the embryonic development of modern breeds in the Bangladesh climate -; and indeed in any country which presents such challenging climatic conditions - an incubator must have sufficient water cooling capacity'.

Modern breeds generate more metabolic heat now than in the past -; and detailed work to forecast future developments has enabled Pas Reform to calculate cooling capacities not only for today's breeds, but also for their offspring twenty years from now.

In SmartSet™, cooling capacity has been increased by 40 per cent -; which will, says Mr. Rahman, optimise results even in extreme Bangladeshi temperatures. 'Choosing Smart will help us to overcome these challenges,' he says, 'and we expect to significantly improve spread of hatch, which will certainly be appreciated by our customers, as it will ensure the supply of even more uniform flocks'.

Mr. Zahidul Islam, Pas Reform's representative in Bangladesh, is delighted to have won his first new Smart contract. He says, 'We have great optimism for development in the Bangladeshi market, and we are confident that the package we deliver -; a combination of the most innovative Incubators, Hatchery automation Systems and Hatchery Climate Control Systems, together with the support of dedicated Project Management and Hatchery Management Training Programmes from the Pas Reform Academy - will bring us more projects during the course of this year.

'Our focus is on building successful partnerships for the future: understanding the challenges that face the Bangladeshi poultry industry - and using our ability to translate those challenges into market-specific solutions, for the long-term'.


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