Asia says 'Yes' to Smart from Pas Reform

12 June 2005

Asia says 'Yes' to Smart from Pas Reform

March 15 2005: Pas Reform Hatchery Technologies has formally presented the new Smart Incubation System to its representatives in Asia, at a closed pre-VIV seminar held prior to Smart's official Asian launch at VIV Asia 2005. The seminar was well attended by participants from seven countries in the region.

Pas Reform Representatives from seven Asian countries were formally introduced to Smart, the future focus of hatchery technology worldwide, at a closed preview prior to the innovative new Incubation Systems' Official Asian launch at VIV Asia 2005

Delegates included Mr. O.K. Kang from Il-Seung Co Ltd. in South Korea, Mr. Prapas Wongprasert from Im-Ex Window Co Ltd. in Thailand, Mr. Kenny Tan from Suenfa in Malaysia, Mr. Erik Mattijssen from Peja in Vietnam, Mr. Ricky from Ye Group in Myanmar, Mr. Santad Dentstaporn from Indonesia, Mr. Zahidul Islam from Axon Ltd. in Bangladesh, Mr. Arif Malik from Pakistan and Mr. Mahesh Deheragoda from Weightronics Levli (Pvt) Ltd in Sri Lanka.

Guest speaker Mr. Gordon Butland, gave a presentation that addressed Asia's poultry sector during the first part of the seminar. Butland elaborated on poultry meat trends in today's global markets, giving valuable insights into the growth anticipated in world poultry production, and stressing the influence that China, India and Indonesia in particular will have on this growth over the next decade.

During the second part of the seminar, Pas Reform's Business development Manager Bouke Hamminga addressed the three key challenges facing hatchery operations: genetic progress, chick uniformity and post hatch performance.

Genetic progress, he said, demands greater control over the management of hatchery conditions, to maximise the potential of modern poultry breeds, while high chick uniformity will continue to be an essential precursor to outstanding post hatch performance. Hamminga also emphasised the importance of a narrow spread of hatch, to achieve better post-hatch performance.

Over the past three years, Pas Reform's R&D team has worked with leading research institutes as well as with leading breeding companies and major poultry integrations worldwide, to define the next generation of incubation systems and associated technologies.

The resulting new Smart Incubation System has, said Hamminga, met each of these key challenges to growth and profitability, by delivering a high-performance, future-focused incubation system that ensures:

  • Optimum environment control, to meet the needs of modern breeds now and for the next
    twenty years.
  • Guaranteed uniformity of day old chicks in terms of physical appearance, and
  • Outstanding technical results post hatch, including feed conversion, liveability, yield and egg production.

Attending representatives listened intently as Mr. Hamminga stressed the importance of Smart's intelligent functions to shortening spread of hatch.

Following presentations, Mr. Prapas Wongprasert, Pas Reform's representative in Thailand, said that the increased cooling capacities calculated for future generations of modern breeding stock would be especially well received in Thailand: 'of course, we have to deal with an extreme tropical climate here in Thailand,' he said, ' which demands a great deal from modern incubators. The Smart Incubation System addresses these challenges very effectively.'

Mr. Deheragoda reported that achieving a narrow spread of hatch had already proved compelling for customers in Sri Lanka. 'We have already secured our first project in Sri Lanka,' he commented. 'It was the short spread of hatch delivered by our new Smart Incubation System that decided the project in our favour'.


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