Seminar on the significance of chick uniformity

2 January 2005

Seminar on the significance of chick uniformity

Pas Reform recently hosted two lively discussions for the Dutch broiler and layer industry on the significance of chick uniformity. The seminars were held at Pas Reform's Dutch headquarters in Zeddam on February 23rd and March 2nd, when the Hatchery technology company shared insights into meeting the key challenge of chick uniformity.

High uniformity in day old chicks is one of the greatest challenges facing commercial hatcheries - and most highly prized, because it dramatically improves technical results at farm level, to achieve the lowest feed conversion and mortality rates, the fastest growth rates and excellent processing yield and egg production.

The seminars were specifically created to help hatchery managers gain a fuller understanding of what impacts uniformity in day old chicks in a modern hatchery environment, with practical sessions covering the entire hatchery process, from the gathering of hatching eggs to the delivery of chicks to the farm.

Often, achieving uniformity of broilers entering the processing plant is regarded as the broiler farmer's job - and indeed, uniformity of broilers at slaughter weight can be greatly influenced by what happens on the farm. However, achieving this uniformity of day old chicks is a key prerequisite to a uniform end product.

Speakers included Bart Aangenendt, President of Pas Reform Hatchery Technologies, Martin Barten, Senior Hatchery Specialist, Lotte van de Ven, Trainer and Marleen Boerjan, Embryologist - who delivered sessions on Future Focused Incubation, Hatchery Practice, Hatchery Management and Uniformity.

Bart Aangenendt stressed the need for a continuous commitment to meeting the challenges of high uniformity: 'Maximizing chick uniformity is one of the most challenging requirements in today's commercial poultry sector. The hatchery has a special obligation, as the impact of incubation conditions on the growing embryo and chick are fundamental to the growth performance and feed conversion ratios of modern broilers'.

Hatchery Management Training is an integral part of Pas Reform's approach to working in partnership - and ensures that hatchery personnel and management teams have access to the most current information, to boost efficiencies and productivity, and to make a lasting contribution to achieving commercial success.


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