Pas Reform to lead European ‘Hatchery of the Future’ project

25 April 2016

Pas Reform to lead European ‘Hatchery of the Future’ project

The consumption of poultry meat continues to grow rapidly. Due to worldwide population growth (9.2 billion estimated by 2050) and increasing prosperity in emerging economies, global demand for quality animal protein increases. China, India, South-east Asia, several African counties and Latin America, account for a total population of 3 billion - and as a result of increasing prosperity, access to and demand for better nutrition grows.

These market developments have lead to an increase in the scale of hatcheries while their absolute numbers decrease, both in Europe and increasingly in emerging economies. This up-scaling, which is essential for the continuing livelihood of a hatchery, requires improved process control.

As a recognised innovator for the hatchery industry worldwide, Pas Reform has been selected to lead Project ‘Hatchery of the Future’, which has the primary aim of developing a fully integrated, socially responsible and sustainable hatchery solution.

By connecting ‘Smart Industry’ and hatchery infrastructure, Project ‘Hatchery of the Future’ will form a single touch point, that enables the hatchery industry to gain unparalleled insights and control over the total hatchery process.

Project keywords are: Process optimalisation, sensor technology, big data analysis, track & trace, sustainability, animal welfare and market acceptance.

Programme (OP) EFRO Oost-Nederland is a joint subsidy programme by the European Union and Dutch provinces of Overijssel and Gelderland, aimed towards structural economic reinforcement. EFRO invests in innovation that contributes to reducing CO2 emissions for a low carbon economy, with the aim of increasing profitability out of new products for companies in the east of the Netherlands.


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