Special guest lecture for primary school children in Zeddam

19 June 2019

Special guest lecture for primary school children in Zeddam

On Wednesday June 12, pupils from the upper classes of Roncalli Primary School in Zeddam, The Netherlands, were treated to a special guest lecture. As part of Pas Reform’s 100th anniversary activities, one of the company’s incubation specialists gave them a glimpse into the fascinating world of the chicken. There were certainly no bone-dry facts about the poultry sector, but an inspiring story about the embryonic development of a chicken and the incubation of eggs under a brooding chicken, or in an incubator.

Two days later, the children were set to work themselves during a visit to Pas Reform’s Zeddam headquarters. First, they found out what a real incubator looks like. Then, during a workshop, the children were treated to a series of practical experiments about the hatching of eggs – after which they were each presented with a ‘Junior hatchery manager’ certificate!

“It was fun and educational to come into contact with local businesses in this way,” says Arjen Stapelbroek, Director of Roncalli Primary School. “Pas Reform gave our pupils both a detailed picture of the hatchery sector and the opportunity to both understand the work of the company’s staff and experience the atmosphere there.”

“We especially wanted to connect through the guest lessons,” explains Harm Langen, CEO of Pas Reform. “As a jubilee company, we can give something back to the heart of the local community in this way.”

The guest lesson was part of a series of centenary celebration events that Pas Reform is organizing in many of the countries it operates in this year.


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